Many cultures throughout human history have utilized negativity, discordant effigy or image to ward and empower a community in resistance to oppression, dis-ease, or illness. A belief or fear (of the Other), were frequently confronted with terrifying hand-made images, fantastic anthropomorphic masks or costume, mimetic gesture, eccentric ritual, amongst many other forms that tap into clandestine power. These practices are still very relevant, though polymorphic, and show up in our modern culture in a variety of ways that site the ancient human ritual they once inhabited.  

It is a mistake to read these works as wallowing in a black hole or in hopeless and dire conditions.  It is exactly the opposite. Their discordance, symbolism, and satire channels a collective consciousness and psychological power that aid in confronting and overcoming grave and critical obstacles with progressive thought, self reflection, and ultimately, urgent action and change.
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